and welcome to my professional portfolio. This site functions as an extension of my curriculum vitae (CV) and includes a detailed overview of my pedagogy, service, and research.
Above, you’ll find links to the following:

  • my CV: this page contains a digital version of my curriculum vitae; to download a .pdf version of my CV, click here.

  • my Statements: this page includes not only a statement of my teaching philosophy, which articulates my critical feminist approach to the classroom and speaks in particular to three key practices guiding my pedagogy, but also a diversity statement, which addresses the importance of inclusivity in both my research and teaching.

  • my Pedagogical Materials: this page provides not only a description of the courses I’ve taught (or am currently teaching) but also sample pedagogical materials—including syllabi, course calendars, project prompts, rhetorical rationales, and course evaluations.

  • my Administrative Roles: this page describes the duties I performed as the Director of the Digital Writing Studio, the Assistant Director of Online Tutoring for the Writing Center at Ball State, and the Director and Assistant Director of the Digital Studio at Florida State.

  • my Scholarship this page includes information about my current and prior research; an abstract for, presentations about, and a .pdf of my doctoral dissertation; a description of and link to my Master's thesis; and links to past conference presentations and other scholarly projects.

Please click around. If you have any questions and/or want to discuss further any of the materials within this portfolio, you can contact me by phone and by email; my number and address are listed below.


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